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Peter Reilly
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Peter Reilly Financial Services is about offering personal, professional advice and services.

Whether it is the product you want

from the top of this page orthe services you see along the side, you can be sure of professional handling at all times.


The Lifestyle Financial Planning Service

is a service where you put all your financial affairs in order to achieve and maintain the lifestyle you want.

It is a service that shows you where you are, where you are going, what needs to be done and how to do it .  

It allows you to make informed decisions rather than be told or sold on what you should do.

It is a bit like looking into the future and then making changes for the better.

The first part is about you- what you want and what you have.

We then process this information for you.

This shows us areas that need correction if your plans are to be fulfilled.


We then have our Planning Meeting with you where we provide recommendations and solutions.

When we agree what you should be doing, we document the solutions.

This allows you to take corrective steps to have the lifestyle you want. These steps may involve:

  • putting in a proper budget and investment strategy to sleep better at night
  • claiming entitled benefits
  • making decisions on selling a rented property
  • using excess savings to clear expensive debts
  • reducing tax-bills by utilising more tax-efficient savings plans
  • making plans for a new home or career change or family member...













Planning with Foresight,

using the benefit of Hindsight

Lifestyle Financial Planning is a unique and invaluable service that I have provided to clients for many years. Ultimately, it is about taking control of your financial future- and has there ever been a better time to do that?

You may be wondering if this service is suitable for your requirements.

You may be wondering what exactly is involved.

To find your answers, why not call 01-6544 522 or e-mail [email protected] to arrange an initial meeting.

I would be delighted to sit down with you to explain how my service works and you can query how it can benefit you. This meeting is at our expense without any obligation and car parking is available at our office at Jasmine Lodge, Main Street, Celbridge, Co. Kildare- just across from the Gates of Castletown House.


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Personal, Professional Planning...


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What Do You Want To Do Today?
Buy a Car or New Equipment
Find the Right Investment for your Money
Plan your Pension properly
Arrange cheap Lfe Assurance
Have a Financial Check-up or Get Rich Slowly

When you are ready to discuss a need, your plans, your future, request a quotation or arrange a meeting, you can contact us by e-mail at [email protected] or phone 01-6544 522, as we believe Financial Services is a Personal Service.


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of Peter Reilly t/a

Peter Reilly

Financial Services






How to Relax

about Money

to Live

your Life



  How to Relax about Money

to Live your Life Fully

By Peter Reilly


Financial Planner



Budget 2014

  • Tax Relief - for both Employer or Employee Contributions.
  • Employer Corporation Tax rate to remain at 12.5%.
  • Retirement Lump Sum - up to €200,000 remains tax-free and amounts from €200,000 to €575,000 will continue to be taxed at 20%.
  • Standard Fund Threshold - remains unchanged at €2.3 million.
  • The anticipated introduction of a Maximum Lifetime Pension of €60,000 p.a. did not happen.
  • AMRF Specified Income & AMRF Specified Amount remain unchanged (as no change in the State Pension)

The following changes to pensions

were announced:


Income Continuance


What is the position:

A self-employed Director /

Partner is not entitled to

State Assistance in the

event of inability to work

through Accident, Illness

or Disability

Key Personnel are vital

to the ongoing development

of any business.

In the event of long-term

absence, a slowdown in

business and business

development can occur:





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